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Insights From Inside is the baby of a group of people who sincerely care about today's youth.  The world is much more complicated today than it's ever been, and more and more children and teens are slipping into habits and making decisions that dramatically impact the paths of their lives - and not for the better.

The desire of the group of people behind the book is to give real-life examples of what just one mistake could cost you and also share details of what life is like in prison.  Doing time is no joke!  Committing crimes is no joke!  Wouldn't it be helpful for the youth of today to hear from people who have walked the same paths they are currently traveling?  If it changed the life of one single person, then the answer is a resounding yes!

For those who'd like a short sample of what Insights From Inside is about, we've included a special preview just for you!  Simply click on the page above entitled, "PREVIEW THE BOOK."